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Monday, 22-Oct-2018 08:45:19 CDT

Classroom 10:00-11:00AM 11:00 AM-12PM 12:45-1:45 PM 1:45-2:45 PM 3:00- 4:00PM 4:00-5:00 PM

CHS Building

129 Sauces Das Schwarze Stundenbuch - Black Hours Scrolls in the Style of Willem Vrelant Scribal White Work Getting Started in Calligraphy: Tools, Tips, and Techniques Natural Dyes
123 Beginners Calligraphy Teaching in the SCA Mistakes Are Period: When Good Illuminations Go Bad Shading Techinques Autocratting, Or How to Get Committed in 3 Easy Steps Russian and Slavic Illumination
125 Combat Archery for Beginners Lessons from the Senryaku (Rain Site) Advanced Combat archery How to inspect combat archery equipment A Beginner's Guide to Hosting Equestrian Events Equestrian Authorizations (Rain Site)
128 Dances for Happy Feet Introduction to Early English Dancing Basics of Melee Combat (Rain Site) Melee - Triad Training (Rain Site) Tactics of the Bridge 101 (Rain Site) Melee - Weapon and Shield 101 (Rain Site)

Common Room

Library Building (2nd Floor)

218 Heraldic Underwear I Build Your Own Kennings Decorative Embroidery for Garb Overview of Embroidery Tatting 101
216 Painting Sheetwalls SCA Newsletter Making Entering the Group Pent- Safety in Numbers Running a Troll Sign Language and the SCA How to talk so your herald will listen, and listen so your herald will talk
225 Sacred solar calenders, or Holy Calenders, Batman! Late Medieval Magic Late Period French Fixed Verse Forms Late Medieval British Isle Names Pater Nosters
230 Introduction to Viking wire knitting Build Your Own Pavilion Witch Hunts and Trials: Malleus Maleficarum and The Discoverie of Witchcraft Introduction to European 4-in-1 for Youth
229 Trippingly on the Tongue "Now we take up the dagger. God preserve us all" (Rain Site) Atlatl practicum (Rain Site) Sling demo (Rain Site)  

Library Building (3rd Floor)

330 How to Serve 14th Century High Table   A Survey of Beekeeping: Past and Present Brewing 101 - Getting Started.  
331 Basic Archery & Tuning (Rain Site)   The Vade Mecum - a Portable Almanac    


Heavy Field     Basics of Melee Combat Melee - Triad Training Tactics of the Bridge 101 Melee - Weapon and Shield 101
Light Field   "Now we take up the dagger. God preserve us all"        
Archery Field (Left) Basic Archery & Tuning   Atlatl practicum Sling demo  
Archery Field (Right)   Tactics and Training for Combat Archer: Lessons from the Senryaku       Equestrian Authorizations

Main Hall

          Laurel Table
A&S Display
Scribal Backlog Display
Court will be held at 6pm, Room 128 in the CHS building.

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