AEthelmearc AEcademy Spring Session 2005 in the Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands

Notes from the Webmaster: In order to cut down on the size of this file, I've eliminated the common items and only listed the exceptions. UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED, all classes are 1 hour long, beginner level, no fee, class size limited to the size of the classroom, and the student only has to supply notebooks, pen and a willingness to learn.
-- Dagonell, Webmaster

Archery from Hastings to the Third Crusade ( Baron Charles O'Connor )
Description: This will cover both hand bows and crossbows in the critical period of early development and use both on the battlefield and in the hunt. Central figures in the story include William of Normandy, William Rufus, Godfry of Bouillon, Magnus Barelegs, Henry I, II, and Richard the Lionheart.
Beadwork embroidery ( Baroness Isabella Ironhands )
Time: 2 Hours
Fee: Handout/Supplies 4$
Class Size: 20
Description: Learn how to do period beadwork embroidery. Period glass colors will be discussed as well. Finnished pieces can be sewn onto garb and the like, and can easily survive trips through the washing machine.
Student Supplies: Only if you have them. Small embroidery hoop. Embroidery scissors.
Beginning Blackwork ( Lady Juliana Delamere )
Fee: 2.00
Class Size: 10
Description: An introduction to the history and technique of Blackwork embroidery.
Students will start a sixteenth century sampler using several basic stitches.
Student Supplies: Small embroidery hoop and scissors if possible, some loaners will be available.
Beginning Calligraphy ( Hrefna in heppna Thorgrimsdottir )
Time: 2 Hours
Fee: $8
Class Size: 10
Description: This is a beginning calligraphy class.
Students will be taught the strokes needed to learn any script. Pen, nib, paper, ink, line guides, and handouts are provided. The script taught will depend on student interest.
Student Supplies: A ruler
Beginning Illumination - Supplies and Starters ( Lady Failenn de Cearsaigh )
Class Size: none although handouts will be limited to first 15
Description: This class will cover supplies and suppliers, tips for getting started and finding inspiration. This is for the very beginner.
Black Hours Discussion ( Lady Failenn de Cearsaigh )
Description: This will be a time to get together and discuss what you and others have found with Black Hours. I will provide any information I have gathered as to research, what works, what doesn\'t, etc. for this type of style and look forward to discussion regarding others findings and insights.
By Any Other Name: Medieval Roses in Modern Gardens ( Lady Myfanwy ferch Rhiannon )
Fee: .25 fee for handout
Class Size: 30
Description: overview of what Medieval and Renaissance varieties of roses are still in cultivation, with some general information about rose gardening and sources for buying period rose breeds and cultivars
Decoration Through Deconstruction ( Mistress Filipia Capriotti, called the Cupbreaker )
Time: 2 Hours
Level: Intermediate
Fee: 4.00
Class Size: 10
Description: Covers surface decorating techniques for late Sixteeth Century Clothes, including pinking, slashing, razing, and raveling. Create elaborate decorative schemes With little purchsed trim, and make fancy fabrics out of plain, less expensive ones. Practice tools and fabrics provided with color hand out.
Drawing real acanthus leaves ( Kris Gilibari )
Fee: $1
Description: Real, live acanthus leaves will be presented to the class so that they can observe, paint and draw them. This is to help students to better portray acanthus in their illumination and other arts.
Student Supplies: Pencil and paper, or other art materials if they have them. Cameras are encouraged, as they may want to photograph the leaves.
Faux alphabets ( Christofano Vecchione )
Time: 2 Hours
Level: Intermediate
Class Size: 10
Description: Basic concepts for creating faux alphabets mainly concentrating on Arabic and Kanji. More than just creating a set of letters, students will learn how the letters interact to create a proper looking page.
Student Supplies: felt tip calligraphy pens
Frisian Cuisine ( Lady Odriana vander Brugghe )
Level: Intermediate
Class Size: 15
Description: This is a survey of the cuisine in Frisia (modernly The Netherlands and Flanders) from 800-1000 ACE. This class will cover the hows and whys of reconstructing a cuisine using archaeological evidence, as well as the pitfalls of doing so.
Gilding 101 Applying Real Gold To Your Scroll ( THL Mea the Bold )
Class Size: 5
Description: This class will cover the basics on gilding. We will do actual raised and flat gilding.
Student Supplies: Materials will be supplied.
How to attend and serve the Royalty ( Syr Finn O'Shannon )
Description: A basic class on how to be a retainer for a Royal Household, and all the things that might be expected of you, if you are ever asked. Also a bit of insight, on how to run a Royal Household, if you are ever asked to do so for Their Majesties.

Italian White Vine Illumination ( Aidan ni Leir )
Time: 3 Hours
Level: Intermediate
Class Size: 8
Description: A hands-on class; students will learn the basics and vocabulary for the construction of the Italian white-vine illumination of the 15th-16th c.
Student Supplies: Supplies will be provided, but students can feel free to use their own basic art supplies
L'Art du Broiderer - Design Concepts ( Constance )
Description: Tired of the same old knotwork? Want something really great to work on? Learn to work from medieval sources to develop and personalize your embroidery. This class examines how to find and develop a concept and how to plan a custom embroidery and discusses planning details of thread and fabric weights, specialty applications and matching the type and style of embroidery to the project. This class assumes some experience with embroidery, but you don't have to be able to draw! No class limit, first 20 people get the handout.
La Dame Francaise in the 16th century ( Lady Marguerite d\'Honfleur )
Fee: $1 for color handout
Description: An overview of the evolution of dress for the aristocratic frenchwoman during the 16th century. This is the time of last Valois: Francois I, Henri II, Catherine de Medici, Charles IX, and Henri III. This overview concentrates on the years 1530-1575.

Late 16th century Italian dance ( Don Lyev Davidovitch )
Description: Learn some 2 and 3 person dances from Caroso and Negri's books. Some experience in dancing and flirting is necessary, but the Italian style will be taught. We'll do Gracca Amoroso, La Castellana, and/or Bella Gioioso.
Making a Bowstring (endless loop) ( THL Jacopo di Niccolo )
Class Size: 10
Description: Assembling a string. How to know length, number of strands, and serving techniques.
Making Combat Crossbow Bolts ( Lord Ce'tach Fitzgibbon )
Fee: $1.00
Class Size: 20
Description: Hands on construction of combat crossbow bolts using the Omarad Rubber Stopper tip design. Students will construct and leave with a completed bolt.
Making Combat Golf Tube Arrows ( Lord Ce'tach Fitzgibbon )
Fee: $1.00
Class Size: 12
Description: Hands on construction of combat crossbow arrows using tennis balls and golf tubes.
Students will leave with a completed arrow.
Making period longbows ( Sir Graedwyn Mab Teyrnon )
Description: Instruction and discussion of how to make a period style longbow using either a riven stave or commercially produced lumber.
Manuscript Ink from Period Sources ( Lady Alienora Russeal )
Description: Who made it. How did they do it. And why should you make it too!
Period Canines ( Lady Pavla de la Satu Mare )
Description: This is a brief overview of types, purposes and management of dogs and canine activities in period.
Slings, a brief history ( Lord Cynwyl Mac Daire )
Class Size: 10
Description: In this class we will explore the use of the ancient sling, mostly in a combat role. We will also explore the different ammos, and why they changed throughout history. We will also get into why slings work. What makes them so effective? And why weren't they used after a certain point in history?
Spinning Wool a Drop Spindle ( Iseaulte Thomaswyf )
Fee: To be determined
Class Size: 3
Description: This is a class for those who have never spun before or those gentles who have been frustrated in their attempts spin. You will learn to spin prepared wool fiber into yarn using a spindle.
Tabbards for Canines ( Lady Katla Ulfhedinn )
Class Size: 10 (limited to number of machines available)
Description: Construct a tabbard for your beloved four legged friend. Patterns will be supplied as well as sewing machine access
Student Supplies: About 1 yard of fabric, matching thread and 1/4 inch elastic If able not required please bring a pair of scissors, pencil, large sheet of paper approximately 3'x3' and sewing machine (these will be supplied in limited number any extras would be greatly appreciated)
Tablet Weaving Workshop ( THL Valgardr Gunnarsson )
Time: 3 Hours
Class Size: 6 for kits
Description: An open workshop for tablet weaving. Kits available for new weavers. Will have yarn and books for those who want to try intermediate or advanced techniques.
Student Supplies: Experienced weavers may want to bring a loom so they can take works-in-progess with them.
Tactics of the Bridge 101 ( Syr Malcolm MacEoghainn )
Description: A discussion of the tactics used in SCA bridge battles, covering different offenses, defenses and formations for the various victory conditions on a bridge battle format.
The Courtier ( Don Lyev Davidovitch )
Description: English gentlemen and women: come of this new Italian fashion that is the rage in London and the rest of Europe. Learn the basics of courtly graces, dancing, and fencing as described by the Italians. No experience needed.
Student Supplies: If you own them, bring appropriate 16th century accessories (sword, hat, cloak, gloves)
Things you didn't know they had in the middle ages ( Lord Cynwyl Mac Daire )
Class Size: 10
Description: This class will discuss objects that existed in the Middle Ages that people don't seem to know about. Pocket calculators, airbeds,floating bridges and other things will be discussed. Handouts will be available.
To Nock or Not to Nock. That is the Question. ( Lady Cionaodh Gunn )
Description: A beginners class in cutting your own self knocks.
Tour of Period Cookbooks ( Lord Victor of Shrewsbury )
Description: A brief overview of the relationships between the main sources of medieval recipe collections.
Viking Dogs then and Now ( Lady Katla Ulfhedinn )
Description: Descriptions of periods viking "breeds" how they were used in period and what the breeds are like now.
War College - Melee mentality, why is it so different from Tourney ( Syr Finn O'Shannon )
Description: Will go over the differences of the Melee mentality and the Tourney mentality. Will go over many things, that will make you a better melee fighter, and try to break many of the bad habits of the Tourney mentailty in wars.
War College - Tourney Mind ( Lady Illadore de Bedegrayne )
Description: A class discussion on developing your tournament mindset.
War College - Of Time and Silver, Truth and Falsehood ( Don Christian de Launey )
Class Size: 15
Description: A brief exploration of George Silver's eight times and why they are important to a fighter. This discussion is suitable for armored and rapier combattants.
Student Supplies: Any melee weapon or weapon combination, subject to space requirements. Non-contact class, no armor required.