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Monday, 22-Oct-2018 10:06:05 CDT

Classroom 10:00-11:00AM 11:00 AM-12PM 12:45-1:45 PM 1:45-2:45 PM 3:00- 4:00PM 4:00-5:00 PM

Main Hall

Cooking Area Tea in Medieval Japan Cook's Roundtable Samurai Chef Before Béchamel & Hollandaise Illusion Food for Kids  
Brewing Area   Beginning Mead Making Recipe Formulation in Brewing     Brewing Roundtable
Scribal Area Celtic Knotwork Irish Uncial Script Playing with Paint Calligraphy-Beyond the Basics Irish Uncials
Dancing Area   Intro to Period Dance Dances for Happy Feet Dance the night away   Grokking Gracca Amorosa


Room 1 Beginner Tablet Weaving Double Face Tablet Weaving Beautifully Buttoned Perfectly Pleated
Room 2 Nålbinding Sprang Decorative Embroidery for Garb Unravelling the Mysteries of Arts & Sciences Competions
Room 3 Storytelling for beginners   Bardic Coaching Session Informal Bardic Circle
Room 4 Build Your Own Kennings   Poetry for Beginners Sagas & Eddas Teaching in the SCA
Room 5   Catch the Buzz: 16th Centruy Beekeeping Understanding & Writing Rubrics 12th Century Stained Glass Techniques Byzantium in 1,000 years or less
Room 6 The Medieval Great Hall Entering the Group Pent The Gentle Art of SCA Courtesy   Daily Life of Courtiers and Samurai Thinking Outside the Hoop, Machine Embroidery for the Anachronist
Outside   Two Weapons, No Problems Introduction to fencing      

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