AEthelmearc AEcademy Fall Session 2005 in the Abhainn Ciach Ghlais

Notes from the Webmaster:
In order to cut down on the size of this file, I've eliminated the common items and only listed the exceptions. UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED, all classes are 1 hour long, beginner level, no fee, class size limited to the size of the classroom, and the student only has to supply notebooks, pen and a willingness to learn.
-- Dagonell, Webmaster

A day in the Field with Hawk and Hound ( Master Duncan Blackwater )
Time: 2 Hours
Description: A recreation of a day's hawking (falconry) in medieval Europe. We will discuss and demonstrate the place of falconry in medieval life and show some of the practices that a medieval falconer had to know, and contend with.

A Limning Demonstration ( Mistress Kris Gilibari )
Level: Advanced
Description This is a demonstration of limning technique used in illumination and painting. Students may watch, ask questions, and the teacher will explain the technique and give some history during the demo. Students may also try their own hand at it with some materials provided (materials are available for ten people at a time to try).
Student Supplies: Students are encouraged to bring their own brushes, paints or art supplies so that they can try the technique themselves.

Antecedants leading to, and including, the 1st crusade ( Master Brion Donul Gilbert (New form of my name) )
Description: An Historical overview of what caused the crusades, how they developed, culminating in the history of the first crusade.

Architecture of British Castles in the 14th Century ( Ariella of Thornbury )
Description: We will trace the development of British defensive architecture with attention to outer and inner defenses. There will be slides illustrating floor plans, battlements, drawbridges, portcullises, etc. from ruins and surviving castles. We will end with a brief discussion of modern reproduction of a 14th century English castle.

Armenia & Cilicia - An Overview of History ( THL Keran Roslin )
Description: Learn about the history of this unusual Christian culture in a Middle Eastern world.

Basic Tunic Construction ( Lady Ennoguent filia Bronmael )
Description: New to the SCA or to making your own garb? Come learn how to make your own tunics! We'll discuss how to go from measurements to many various sized rectangles and pie-slices to a wonderful garment, customized to your size, shape, and preference.

Beginning Blackwork ( Lady Juliana Delamere )
Fee: $2.00
Class Size: 10
Description: An introduction to the history and technique of Blackwork embroidery. Students will start a sixteenth century sampler using several basic stitches.
Student Supplies: Small embroidery hoop and scissors if possible.

Beginning Middle Eastern Drumming ( Sir Sextus Plinius Callidus )
Time: 2 Hours
Class Size: 8
Description: Students will learn how to hold, purchase, and play a doumbek. Simple rhythms, practice techniques, and tips for playing in groups will be covered.
Student Supplies: A hand drum such as a doumbek, djembe, or conga (no bodhrans please), a few loaner drums will be available.

Black and White Illumination ( Lady George Anne )
Level: Intermediate
Description: An overview of Black & White illumination

Chivalric Behavior ( Baron Charles O'Connor )
Description: Discusses the ideal of chivalric behavior in period and what could/should be the use of the ideal in the Society today. Focuses on the "Chivalric Virtues"

Creating a medieval household name ( Mistress Margaret Makafee )
Description: This class discusses what to consider when registering a household name, including tips about name construction, some resources on names for organized groups of people, and tips to improve you chances of registering your household name on the first try.

Decorating Early Period Garb ( Baroness Mairi ni Raghaillaigh )
Level: Intermediate
Description: Store-bought trimmings can be expensive and give an unsatisfactory result, particularly on early period garb. Using extant garments as a guide, we will explore various methods of decorating early period (pre-1000 CE) clothing. Alternatives to store-bought trims (such as applique, embroidery, weaving and hand-stitching) will be discussed and period examples shown.

Drawing Monsters and Marginalia ( Graidhne ni Ruaidh )
Fee: $1.00
Class Size: 10
Description: Aimed at the younger crowd, this is open to everyone. We'll work on drawing and painting monsters and grotesques on scrolls.

Evolution of the Italian Camicia ( Baroness Rainillt Leia de Bello Marisco )
Fee: $1.00 for handout
Description: This class covers the evolution of the staple undergarment in Italy from the late 15th century through to the end of the 16th century.

Fiddly-Bits ( Lady Alienora Russeal )
Level: Intermediate
Description: The weight of your paper got you down, tired of the same old hues...? Let's explore ways to add zest to your life AND your scrolls. We will cover layout and scroll additions such as seals. You are encouraged to bring your own suggestions.

Fingerloop Braiding ( Cori )
Class Size: 6-8
Description: This is a very very basic class for people who have never fingerlooped braided before. People who have and can\'t remember which fingers are supposed to go where are also welcome. Fair Warning: Anyone with more experience will be recruited to help teach. We will probably only cover one pattern. Covering the basics will probablly not fill the entire class time.

Glass in Period ( Baroness Isabella Ironhands )
Description: A brief overview and description of glass, from the Roman Empire to end of sca period. Glassblowing techniques will be discussed and explained. Students will leave with at least a rudementary understanding of period glass.

Grokking Gracca Amorosa ( Henry of Maldon )
Level: Intermediate
Description: Gracca Amorosa is a fun little Italian dance with a bit of tricky footwork, but not very difficult. It's a good introduction to the Italian late-Renaissance dance repertoire.

History of the Crossbow ( Baron Charles O'Connor )
Description: The class will give a brief overview of the development and use of the crossbow in period. We will destroy some myths and illuminate some of the more interesting details of the use of the crossbow by Emperors, Kings, nobles, and commoners for war and hunting.

Introduction to Documentation ( Bridgette Kelly MacLean )
Description: Come hear why documentation is important from a convert to the cause. We will explore what documentation is and isn't ... ideas will be bandied about. What makes good documentation? What is the difference between good and winning documentation? And why is it better to focus on the good? Also we will explore some of the pitfalls in almost any attempt to document an item.

Introduction to Early English Dancing ( Henry of Maldon )
Level: Intermediate
Description: This class is not only for beginners, but for anyone who would like to know more about some of the basic concepts of early English dancing.

Introduction to Pleatwork Embroidery ( Baroness Rainillt Leia de Bello Marisco )
Description: This class will cover possible techniques and useages of the embroidery form modernly known as smocking. Students should understand basic embroidery techniques.

Kick It Up a Notch! ( Mistress Alicia Langland )
Level: Intermediate
Description: Feeling frustrated or stifled because you've reached an artistic plateau? Unsure how to proceed? Using an "Appreciative Inquiry" approach, we will discuss one-on-one your projects, progress, and potential. Sign up at Troll for a half-hour conference. Questions? Contact Alicia in advance at

Making paint from pigment ( Kris Gilibari )
Fee: $3
Class Size: 10
Description: Making period-style watercolor paint from medieval and modern pigments, using gum arabic and/or glair. Non-toxic pigments will be used.

Medieval Garden design ( Lady Thyri erbewyf )
Description: What elements are included in a medieval garden design and how does one go about incorporating them into a home garden? A discussion on the elements, appropriate materials and how to for formal and informal gardens.

Medieval Jeopardy ( Mistress Margaret Makafee )
Level: Intermediate
Description: A game similar to Jeopardy focused on medieval subjects. Participants will be divided three teams, and provide the question to answers about a variety of medieval/renaissance topics.
Student Supplies: A agile brain and a willingness to participate.

Medieval Recipes for Potlucks ( Mistress Euriol of Lothian )
Description: The purpose of this class is to explore several dishes that are simple to make and enjoyed in the many potluck meals that we may find at medieval events. I have try to give a broad spectrum of recipes from appetizers, main dishes, side dishes and a sweet dish that could round out an enjoyable feasting environment.

Multi-page Bookmarker Re-creation Mistress Rhiannon y Bwa )
Time: 1 Hour
Fee: $2.50 for Japanese gold thread and handout
Class Size: 12
Description: Multi-page Bookmarkers were used in medieval prayer books and were removable. Class will cover how to make the top (anchor) which the fingerloop braids were attached to. The vellum tube covering (limace- The Slug Stitch) will be taught.
Student Supplies: scissors, large-eyed needle.
Personal potty round table ( THL George Anne )
Description: I'd like to have a round table discussion about personal potties, as they pertain to Pennsic and other camping events, plus the period history thereof. Discuss sanitation options.

Polearm as a Finesse Style ( Sir Sextus Plinius Callidus )
Description: Basic glaive principles emphasizing footwork, range, movement, and point control.
Student Supplies: an SCA legal polearm if they have one

Research Basics ( Baroness Mairi ni Raghaillaigh )
Description: This class is a review of basic research and documentation techniques. The main part of the class will concentrate on approaches to research in general (how to approach primary and secondary sources, literary vs. pictorial vs. material evidence, developing a medieval aesthetic, the importance of historical context). We will then consider how to present what you've uncovered, especially for competition purposes. Feel free to bring along any projects you might need help with.

Survey of Scribes Resources ( Graidhne ni Ruaidh )
Fee: $1.00 for bibliography
Description: A survey of books and materials available for scribes' use as resource material. Graidhne will lug a substantial portion of her library to the class.

Tablet Weaving Workshop THL Valgardr Gunnarsson )
Time: 3 Hours
Class Size: 6 (for kits)
Description: An open workshop for tablet weaving. Kits available for new weavers. Will have yarn and books for those who want to try intermediate or advanced techniques.
Student Supplies: Experienced weavers may want to bring a loom so they an take works-in-progress with them.

The Bohemian German Gown ( Lady Cameron Fitzrory )
Level: Intermediate
Description: Construction theory of the 16th century Bohemian German Gown.

The Goliard Poets - Voices of Social Critique and in Praise of Dissolution( Lord Victor of Shrewsbury )
Description: Students in search of a patron pushed the boundaries of decency in the Middle Ages. This class will explore some of their scandalous verse.

Turning those Thrift Shop and Yard Sale finds into Presentable Garb. ( Mairin O' Cadlah )
Class Size: 15
Description: For the Newcommer in the SCA. Inexpensive ways to aviod much sewing and still get some good starter garb. Discuss Pro's and Con's as far as historical accuracy. Dicuss what to look for and what to avoid. Answer the big question: Can I turn this into garb? We will also look at accessories to complement outfits.

Unravelling the Mysteries of Arts & Sciences Competions ( Mistress Euriol of Lothian )
Description: An overview of how to prepare an entry for an Arts or Sciences competition. Attention given to documentation as well as seeing an entry from a judge's perspective.

War College - Melee mentality, why is it so different from Tourney ( Syr Finn O'Shannon )
Description: Will go over the differences of the Melee mentality and the Tourney mentality. Will go over many things, that will make you a better melee fighter, and try to break many of the bad habits of the Tourney mentailty in wars.

Weapon and Shield 101 ( Syr Finn O'Shannon )
Description: To teach the students the basics of Weapon and Shield. From shot selection, defence, mental game, and training techniques. This class will provide a good foundation for any styles the student would like to learn, and training techniques that the students will be able to use even if they have no one to practice with.
Student Supplies: Students should bring their own weapon and shield. There will be extras, but if they want to work with what they have they should bring them.

Zen and the Art of Data Entry ( Sir Mord Hrutsson the Green )
Description: Find out what Mord does when the library is closed! (Putting the information you find in the library together into a usable form.) Student Supplies: Sensible shoes optional.