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Maura 235
Period Canines
Tabards for Canines
A Brief History of the Greyhound
Dog Aggression and Bite Avoidance
Maura 330
Learning to Teach
Ruffing It
Garb for Every Body
Bayeaux Tapestery Embroidery
Overview of Embroidery
Maura 333
Celtic Hand
Scribal Source Materials
Beginning Scribal
Lynch 108
Combat Archery for Beginners
Combat Archery Tactics
Batarde for Beginners
iil Canario
Knotwork for Knovices
Lynch 138
Woods Battle As I Saw It
Leadership: Making it Happen
Introduction to Scouting
Emergency Sign Language for Chirurgeons
Tall Hats of the Elizabethan Period
Lynch G28
Calligraphy Tools
Black Hours
Dog Courtesy in the SCA
Viking Wire Knitting
Brush Control in Illumination
Parlor Room 212
Nuturing Your Inner Herald
Campfire Bardic Arts
Storytelling: Finding, Adapting & Creating
The Medieval Trumpet
A & S Meeting
Parlor Room 211
Baba Yaga
Kievan/Slavic Personas
Lucet Cord
Woman Steppe Warriors
Discussion of the Spear