AEthelmearc AEcademy Fall Session 2004 in St. Swithin's Bog

Notes from the Webmaster: In order to cut down on the size of this file, I've eliminated the common items and only listed the exceptions. UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED, all classes are 1 hour long, beginner level, no fee, class size limited to the size of the classroom, and the student only has to supply notebooks, pen and a willingness to learn.
-- Dagonell, Webmaster

A Brief History of the Greyhound ( Lady Katla Ulfhedinn )
Description: History of the Greyghound from ancient times to the Renaissance.

A&S Officers Meeting/Meet the A&S Officers ( Master Remus Fletcher )
Description: A discussion with the Kingdom A&S Minister and local A&S Officers. All are welcome.

Baba Yaga, the arch-villainess of Russian folklore ( Luceta di Cosimo )
Description: Ever wondered why Baba Yaga's hut has chicken legs? Baba Yaga is a fairly unique character, as far as fairy tale villains go, combining several contradicting aspects. In this class, we will go over several Baba Yaga fairy tales, look at the multiple roles she plays, and try to figure out just who she really is. (Some familiarity with Russian folklore is helpful, but not really required)

Batarde for Beginners ( THL Cadell Blaidd du )
Fee: $1 for copies
Student Supplies: Calligraphy pen and ink
Description: The Bâtarde family of calligraphy hands was one of the most common through Western Europe in the 13th-16th centuries. Come learn the basics of the French Bâtarde hand, as well as some of the differences between the French, English (Bastard Secretary) and German (Fraktur) variations of the hand.

Bayeaux Tapestry Embroidery ( Baroness Genevieve du Vent Argent )
Fee: $5 for kit
Class Size: 10 kits (people may sit in though)
Student Supplies: embroidery hoop, scissors
Description: Learn how to do the "laid and couched" stitch which was used in embroidering the Bayeaux Tapestry. This is a hands-on class with kits available for purchase, though people may sit in and watch. We will be using wool embroidery thread on linen fabric. Handout included.

Black Hours ( THL Talisidhe of the Greenwood )
Student Supplies: paint brushes
Description: hands on technique of painting a black hours type scroll

Brush Control in Illumination ( Mistress Kris Gilibari )
Fee: $2
Class Size: 10
Student Supplies: Any of their own art supplies that they might like to use.
Description: Practice and instruction in the fine brush work used in whitework, limning and other illumination techniques. Hands-on painting and lecture/demonstration.

Calligraphy Tools ( Hrefna in heppna Thorgrimsdottir )
Description: Come learn how to use many of the tools available for calligraphers. Well talk pens, inks, and other gadgets. Well also cover a few tricks of the trade. So, come try out everything from markers to quills and see the difference in between.

Campfire Bardic Arts ( Lord Morgan of Caer Graeme )
Class Size: 10
Student Supplies: Their music books, instruments and / or voices.
Description: This class being "team taught" with Lady Rowan Blackthorne, will cover perhaps the most common of all the bardic arts, the informal bardic circle around the campfire. The class will go over such topics as how to pick and develop a repertoire, reading / knowing yor audience, and how to participate, beyond "pick or pass" if you don't sing or play an instrument.

Combat Archery for Beginners ( THL Tessa the Huntress )
Description: This class will cover what armor a combat archer is required to have and what's recommended. We'll discuss the poundage for your bow or crossbow and I'll have a list of suppliers where you can purchase the equipment. I'll discuss the different types of combat arrows (all will be AEthelmearc legal) and if there is interest, how to make them. The instructions will also be available on handouts. I'll give some tips to use while you are making arrows and preparing to take the field. We'll discuss some choices on quivers. How and where you can practice and what you need to know, before you can authorize. What will happen during the authorization procedure. If time allows, I'll also give suggestions on what to do on the field, especially for the first couple of battles. Basically, this class should cover everything a beginner needs to know in order to take the field, including some how to's and places to order the supplies or the completed item.

Combat Archery Tactics ( THL Tessa the Huntress )
Level: Intermediate
Description: This class is for the combat archer who has some experience on the field, but who would like to be more effective. I will give tips on what you can do on the field to be more effective and how to work with the fighters on your side. This will include how to work with another archer and or fighter. I'll given suggestions and what to do based on the size of your fighting unit. What to do if you are the only archer or if you are one of several archers. I'll explain what your targeting should be, from priorities to targets of opportunity. I'll also give different tactics based on the battle scenerio(woods, field, bridge). If there is interest, I'll discuss how what we do as combat archers on the field does reflect what was done in period and why. This is several different styles of combat archery. If other fighters are interested, they are welcome to attend. I'll be happy to discuss ways to include combat archers in their tactics. How to work with combat archers and some suggestions on how to include them effectively in the battle plan. Some handouts will be available.

Dog Aggression and Dog Bite Avoidance ( Lady Astrid Wolf-Counsel )
Time: 2 Hours
Description: A class for adults and children to help them recognize the more subtle types and signs of canine aggression, understand the "triggers" that can lead to bites, and a How-To on avoiding being bitten. Video aids and demonstration with live dog(s) available where permitted.

Emergency Sign Language for Chirurgeons ( Lady Rowan Blackthorne )
Class Size: 20
Description: This class will help Chirurgeons to better understand sign language that they may encounter if they have patients who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. It will also help them to work with Silent Heralds in the event of an emergency.

Garb for Every Body--How to produce garments with only 3 shapes ( Bernadette de Foix )
Fee: Handouts .50
Description: Everything you need to know about garb you learned in Kindergarten...No Kidding! This class will be demonstrate how a variety of medieval and renaissance garments can be produced using only three basic shapes. Garments to be discussed: Rectangle--T-Tunics and Trews. (info also provided for Chiton and basic petticoat) Semi-Circle--Cloaks and Capes (info also provided for head gear: Flat cap and coif) Wedge or Trapezoid--Gored skirt, shaped sleeves, Gussets, Godets, and Gores Lastly the class will feature ways to \"combine\" shapes as we explore new ways to look at garment construction.

Introduction to Scouting ( Lord Morgan of Caer Graeme )
Class Size: 10
Description: This course will provide an introduction to scouting. Topics to be covered would include, basic techniques of movement, observation, and making reports. Training will be provided in basic conditioning -- both physical and mental. The new regulations concerning required equipment and, in which battles a scout may participate will also be addressed.

Kievan / Slavic Persona Development ( Lady Marija Kotok )
Description: This class will be a brief overview of history and customs of the Kievan era! It is designed to help folks better background their persona or to see if this type of persona is for them. We will discuss social structure , laws, and common behaviors of the time. A list of name, clothing, and other pertinent resources will be given out. We will also briefly touch on Tamga (heraldy), and commonly used phrases in a few languages.

Knotwork for Knovices ( THL Kieran MacRae )
Description: Learn the basics of creating Celtic knotwork! A step-by-step process will be shown with period examples so you can learn to recreate examples you see or create knotwork designs of your own!

Learning to Teach ( Lord Bastiano di Iacopo )
Level: Intermediate
Description: If you are involved in any level or type of instruction this class might be of benefit to you...more importantly to your students. The material covered in this class is based on current educational practices that can help you reach more students and make your class more comfortable for all involved.

Lucet cord; beautiful basic cord making ( Lady Adrienne of Clan Wulfgard )
Class Size: 12
Student Supplies: A lucet and yarn/fiber if you have them. A limited number of lucets will be available for use or purchase.
Description: This course concentrates on the methods of lucet cord making, including two color cording and beaded cord, with a brief discussion of the history of lucet in period.

Nurturing Your Inner Period Herald ( THL Giulietta da Venezia )
Level: Intermediate
Description: A survey of the duties, privileges, etc. of heralds in period, and how a study of them can inform and enrich our participation in the SCA. A combination of history and philosophy, somewhat geared toward persona development and somewhat of a segue to Master Fridrikr\'s \"Heraldic Underwear\" class. Not strictly limited to heralds--possibly interesting for anyone interested in the relationship between heralds and those we serve.

Overview of Embroidery ( Lady Marian O'Neill )
Description: An introduction of various embroidery forms done in the medieval ages. We will look at some pictures and hand stitched examples of embroidery.Also look at some reference resources.

Period Canines ( Lady Pavla de la Satu Mare )
Description: This is a brief overview of types, purposes and management of dogs and canine activities in period.

Ruffing It -- Ways to create portrait perfect Ruffs ( Bernadette de Foix )
Level: Intermediate
Fee: .50 for Handouts
Description: Students will explore a variety of ruffs from the later part of the 16th c. Construction techinques of the following styles will be discussed: --Partlets and full shirts with attached box pleat ruffs --The stand-alone banded Suit of Ruffs --The de Medici collar and ruffs requiring Supportasse --The falling collar and lace cuffs of the 1590\'s and beyond Also to be explored are starching methods, use of colored starch, and use of pleating techniques to achieve a variety of styles.

Scribal Workshop ( Graidhne ni Ruaidh )
Fee: $1.00 if you need a kit.
Description: A chance for scribes and scribal wannabees to get together, share materials and painting techniques, work on scrolls, or just hang out with the coolest people in the SCA (the scribes) and talk. Student Supplies: Some kits will be available for brand new scribes, otherwise bring your paints, brushes, etc.

Tabbards for Canines ( Lady Katla Ulfhedinn )
Class Size: 10
Student Supplies: About 1 yard of fabric, matching thread and 1/4 inch elastic If able not required please bring a pair of scissors, pencil, large sheet of paper approximately 3\'x3\' and sewing machine (these will be supplied in limited number any extras would be greatly appreciated)
Description: Construct a tabbard for your beloved four legged friend. Patterns will be supplied as well as sewing machine access (limited to number of machines available)

Tall Hats of the Elizabethan Period ( Baroness Charmaine of Falkensee )
Level: Intermediate
Description: An overview of the high-crowned hats worn by women and men during the mid to late 1500\'s. Emphasis will be on materials and construction including blocking felt.

The Medieval Trumpet ( THL Kieran MacRae )
Description: A brief history of the trumpet's use in the Middle Ages, along with a demonstration of how it works and music written for it. There will be hands-on learning for those interested. (i.e. wanna try to play it?)

Viking wire knitting ( Lord Grimolfr Ormalfrson )
Fee: $3.00-$10.00
Class Size: 5
Student Supplies: Supplies will be available for purchase but students may bring their own--28 gauge craft wire and fine-point awl
Description: An introduction to making wire necklaces in the Viking method and style.

War College - Discussion of Spear ( THL Alonzio of the Peacemakers )
Description: the group will view pictures and movies to discuss the pros and cons of spear in melee and tournament.

War College - Leadership, making it happen ( THL Alonzio of the Peacemakers )
Description: Lower level, command and control, Concepts and Theory. This is for commanders and troops, fropm season veterans to the first time melee fighter. Explains what to expect from those you support and those that support you.

War College - Woods Battle as I saw it ( THL Alonzio of the Peacemakers )
Description: An explanation of what was seen in the woods from a commanders point of view. The discussion will include commanders meeting thru the final cannon sounding. an explaination of problems and victories.

Woman Steppe Warriors ( Lady Marija Kotok )
Description: A discussion of present knowledge and archeological evidence of the Woman Steppe Warriors sometimes called Amazons

\"iil Canario\" -- a 16th century Italian dance ( Don Lyev Davidovitch )
Description: One of the more common courtly dance forms in the 16th century was \"il Canario\". This dance is slow and flirtatious with simple choreographies. However there are many variants and much room for impovising. For people of all dance experience.