Class schedule (tentative) at the November 8th, 2003 Aecademy session. Current as of November 3rd, 4:38 pm.

Room 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
10 am Arts & Sciences Officers Meeting From Field to Feast So What's an Officer do? Begging Scribal Tools   Heavy Fighting at Demos A Bird in Hand - Medieval Fowling Techniques How to build a period sunshade Making a simple Falcon Hood
11 am   Period Style Face Mugs Take 2 Carbuncles and Call Me in the Morning (Gem Lore)   Perfectly Period Paper Boxes How to Prepare for  a Deed of Arms Tournament Robin Hood: History's Mystery The Use of Rubrics in Arts and Science Competitions
12 pm LUNCH
1 pm   Basic Redacting Grave Matters: Thoughts on objects, burials, and early medieval Scandinavia   Medieval Bookbinding Helm Wreath and Mantle Construction Pre- 1600 Waste Management Think Before You Research Head over Heel for Stockings
2 pm The Gentle Art of SCA Courtesy A brief history of the Crusades Learn How To Dance At a Loss for Words: aka Finding inspiration for award scroll wordings   They Had THAT in period Heraldry 101
3 pm Making Order Medallions Fingerlooping Braiding, Long and Short Performance Techniques, - Medieval and SCA Manuscripts 101: Celtic to Romanesque Medieval Books: Use and Abuse Beginners Chain Maille Construction Intro to Conjuring and Performing How to Avoid Heraldic  Heartbreak Heraldic Tabards
4 pm Beginner Wine Making Medieval Candle Making Dancing From Primary Sources Manuscripts 102: Gothic to Renaissance Blackletter Calligraphy Advanced Chain Maille Construction Sitting Pretty - medieval camp chairs Decorating Early Period Garb