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1 Leadership, Making it happen Basic Bladework Maneuvers Combat Spear I'm a Thrown Weapons Marshal, now what? Footwork in Fencing: Maintaining Even Mobility and Conserving Energy Pole Arm 101 Slings, their impact on history Funny Weapons
2 Working with clay, a hands on class Greyhounds in History Guilds: Period Laurels & their Apprentices Period Wood Stains Chivalric Ideals: A roundtable discussion History of Archery, an overview Basic Leather working
3 Hands on Healing Magiferous Plants and Magic in Medieval Medical Botany Samurai Chef Autocratting 101 & 202 Cheesemaking See What Your Eating: a "how to" guide to period lighting for the feast table How to inspect Combat Archery Equipment Combat Archery Tactics
4 Basic Scribal Supplies Basic Scribal Layout and Inspiration Drawing Common Items Introduction to Vellum Making Page School: Illumination   Calligraphy 101 Diapering for That "Luxe" Look
5 Rubrics and Judging Heraldry 101 Ask the Silver Buccle The Old Norse Name: Period Sources Ask the Officers: Come ask questions of the Kingdom and Baronial Officers about their jobs. Hnefatafl: A Norse game of strategy Page School: Girdle Books
6 How to get around the Known World Developing a Persona SCA 101 So you wanna be a Chatelaine Crowd Pleasing Demos and Displays Chirurgeoning 101 Waterbearing 101
7 Fit for a Queen: Hans Holbein, Jane Seymour and a pair of Blackwork Cuffs Beginner Embroidery Beginners Spinning using wool 16th C. Needleworked Buttons part 1 Medieval Warping for Weaving Card Weaving 101 Lucet
8 Easy Chain Maille Advanced Chain Maille Combat Archery for Beginners Helm Wreath and Mantle Construction Combat Archery for Beginners, hands on How to prepare for a Deed of Arms Tournament Basic Hound Coursing How to build a period looking sunshade
9 Dance Sampler NOH Theatre Performance-SCA and Medieval Middle Eastern Dance: Chest Isolation and Arm work Middle Eastern Dance 101 Noh Theatre
10 Basic T Tunic   Reconstructing Extant Early Period Garments "A trunk Show: Drafting and Constructing Trunk Hose" Handsewing Drawn out, Cutt and Let down; late 16th C. Clothing Decoration by Fabric Manipulation

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